Me and some friends took a mini vacation down in Mexico and went on a beautiful wine tour. We were driven from winery to winery with beautiful scenery and a fantastic group of people. The wineries were magnificent and the views were to die for. Every tour was like no other and I would even say they are more beautiful then the winery's in Temecula. The house we stayed in was amazing. We were right on the water with a sight like no other. Watched the sunset every night and it even has stairs that lead down to the beach where we could walk along the water enjoying ourselves and having a relaxing time. The house came furnished with everything that you can imagine. I will definitely be looking forward to another vacation here.

Felicia R.

I’ll definitely be joining another one in the future. I’d say overall the tour was great. The pick up was super easy, Jose was incredible. Felt very comfortable and safe with him. He was caring and kind. Felt like hanging out with a friend. He was funny and kept everyone in a good spirit. I would say the tour was great. Loved the first winery we went too - view was incredible. The views were great at that restaurant had a blast!! I’d go again! It really was a super amazing experience overall. We had so much fun! Thanks again for that. Let me know when you get others set up. I’ve got plenty of friends who would love to go. The transportation was a huge help and comfortable rather than cramming in a car.


Jose the tour guide was very respectful friendly, out going and made the trip fun and exciting. The van was perfect, top of the line Mercedes with captains chairs. Nothing beats traveling in luxury. The wineries were hidden gems, the food was new and full of flavor, the cheese store had great flavors also and with the scenic views the drive along the coast before the Valle was simply amazing to top it all off.

David P.

Our driver was attentive to the tour group even before we crossed the border, patiently waiting and maintaining communication with us.  Once we arrived to our transportation, we were politely greeted and I felt welcomed and as I boarded a luxurious and well appointed tour van.  Our driver was receptive to our feedback from the get go, adding a mini detour along the coast to appease some curiosity and playing music to suit the tastes of the group.  The drive was very scenic, from the small coastal towns to the valleys, with climates shifting from clouds to full sunshine, I felt as though I were being transported through a European countryside and wine valley.  Loved the stop we made at Rancho Cortés, where we had an opportunity to sample and purchase some excellent cheeses, as well as observe first hand, part of the process in cheese making.  The small group of work friends on the tour made for great  camaraderie and fun, especially once we began sampling wines with our cheeses at the first location... With our table outside, set against an idyllic landscape, I felt as though I were in heaven.  As we moved through our tour I continued to feel comfortable and secure.  Dinner was great, and once again, the setting couldn't have been better with outdoor seating and stellar views all around.  I look forward to going on another wine tour again soon!   

Christina, Nurse