Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Info

All tours include tour guide, pick up, drop off, and champagne kick-off toast. Other goodies vary from tour to tour.


Please gather your group and arrive at the pick-up spot at your tours start time. Passport is recommended for easy US returns, but you can get through with a current drivers license.


Please make sure all guests are 21+ and have valid photo ID. 30-day cancellation policy.

Tour Info

How many guests can I bring?
The minimum number of guests is two, unless you would like to be added to a tour as a solo guest.  Our maximum number for our curated tours is 15 guests. If you wish to book a tour with more people you can request a custom tour.
Do you offer US and Mexico pickups?

Our included pick up is the San Diego Border Parking Lot. Other pick-ups can be arranged in our custom tour package. 

What are your payment options?

Bookings made online are processed through Stripe or Paypal. Bookings made with a booking agent will need credit card provided by phone or Paypal.


Can we bring snacks and drinks?

Yes, we will have a cooler in the car with bottled water, and you are welcome to fill it with anything you want to pick up after entering Mexico. 

What should I wear?

We recommend Sunday Casual Brunch wear, with comfortable shoes. Some stops are pretty rustic, and you may want to get up close and personal with the views. If this sounds like you, wear some boots. 🙂


What if I need to cancel my trip?

Cancelation of trips with a 30 day notice have no cancellation fee. Cancelations within 15 days or less will be 50% refunded. 

Cancellation Policy

Any Tour paid in full can be rescheduled with 14 day notice with no fee.

Any tour rescheduled with less than a 13 day notice a $150 fee will be administered and charged to your tour package.

Cancellations 30 days prior to your scheduled tour a full refund will be provided.

Cancellations 29 to 14 days prior to your booked tour a $150 cancellation fee will be applied to any refund.

Any cancellation with less than 13 days notice a $500 cancellation fee will be applied to any refund.